Kiila Coat Rack, oiled oak. (c) Olli Mustikainen 2013

Liito Rocking Chair,powder coated steel, 2nd prize at rocking chair design competition 2012. (c) Olli Mustikainen 2012. Photographer: Jussi Peso

Narikka Coat racks, prototypes, SaloneSatellite 2014. Coat racks are suitable for flat package. Coat racks can be assembled with a coin. One prototype of coat racks has lighting feature. Materials: Ash wood, brass & steel tube. (c) Olli Mustikainen 2014

Nappi Sofa tables, prototypes, SaloneSatellite 2014. Sofa tables are suitable for flat package. Tables can be assembled without any tools. Materials: Ash wood & brass. (c) Olli Mustikainen 2014 assembly animation

MÄGI bench’s striking construction is composed of just two parts: the upper with simple and pure geometry that constitutes the seat in contrast with the lower base where jagged lines remind of stylized contours of headlands and mountainscapes while serving as both support and storage for books, magazines and other items. Materials: birch, steel. Finishing: powder coat, wood wax. (c) Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman Photographer: Jussi Peso

Hooks of the RÄCK coat rack revolve around the tree stem, so it’s easy to hang clothes on it. Inspiration has come from traditional Finnish “salkopallo” - game. Materials: birch, steel tube and laser-cutter steel. Finishing: powder coat, wood wax. (c) Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman

Log lamp. Inspiration has come from a burning log in a fireplace. Press the wood block down and it pops up to expose the light. Press it again and it switches the light off. Materials: various types of wood. Finishing: wood wax. (c) Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman 2012 Photographer: Jussi Peso Log lamp video

BÖRD is a desk and floor lamp. You can find Börd lamp in different sizes: S, M and L. It is technical, but at the same time a very minimalistic. Inspiration for lamp came from a bird. Materials: steel tube, laser-cutted steel, aluminum, high power LED. Finishing: powder coat. (c) Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman
Jekku Pendant lamp, prototype, SaloneSatellite 2014 (Award proposal). Jekku is a height adjustable pendant lamp. The button works as a locking system and the lamp slides along the cord. Materials: Ash wood, porcelain & brass. (c) Olli Mustikainen 2014